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4L Trophy, a combination of humanity & charity

eWON supported a team of participants to the great 4L Trophy™ Raid 2016. The 4L Trophy ™ is a great human, sporting and solidarity adventure for students aged 18 to 28 years. Here, it is not about speed but sense of direction and mutual assistance. From Biarritz (FR), through Spain to Morocco, the final goal is to deliver school equipment to children in need.

Our two guys, Julien & Alex, went through a lot of adventures. First they had to find a car and spruce it up during months: new engine, painting, etc. When it was finally ready, they hit the road from Brussels with all of the Belgian participants and crossed approximately 7000 kilometers right to the end in the desert. 



Some numbers:

  • 1200 teams
  • 10 days road trip
  • 6000 kilometers (Biarritz to Morocco)
  • 60 tons of school equipment
  • 13 schools 

What a great challenge! 

Have a look at the event’s video.