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OpenSSL HeartBleed: eWON and Talk2M on the Safe Side!

As you may be aware, a worldwide Internet security vulnerability (called "Heartbleed") was discovered last week in the famous OpenSSL open source security software.

We are happy to report the impact on our products and services:

  • Talk2M Pro & Free Access Server : Not affected.
  • Talk2M Pro & Free VPN Servers: Not affected.
  • eCatcher: Not affected.
  • eWON (All models: CD, Cosy, Flexy): Not affected.
  • eFive: Not affected.
  • M2Web Server: Official Security Patch applied as soon as Apr 8 2014 (The same day the vulnerability and patch was announced).

Regarding the M2Web server, our team immediately reacted to the security report and immediately patched the server, making it safe from possible attacks. Log analysis and server contents investigation show no evidence whatsoever that the server was attacked or compromised.

Your cyber security is our concern. We take it very seriously.