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We know what to wear in the morning thanks to eWON Flexy and Facebook

Using a dedicated Java I/O server in the eWON Flexy and an IP weather station, we are able to publish the weather parameters every 4 hours on a Facebook page. Every eWON employee can know if there is a need to bring an umbrella for the day. Very useful in Belgium!

How does it work?

We are using two weather sensors, one on the outside and one on the inside, so that we even collect parameters inside the building. All the measures are gathered through a hub which includes a web server and a web page. Through the I/O java server of the eWON Flexy we are able to read this web page. It decrypts the page, extracts all parameters and release them within the tags of the eWON Flexy. This is where the historical logging begins. Then every 4 hours a basic script pushes the data on the dedicated Facebook page. How cool is that?!

What does it means?

Despite providing the eWON weather to the team & the whole world, it means you can interface any kind of sensors or controllers with proprietary protocols with the eWON Flexy. In other words, eWON Flexy is not exclusively designed for PLC and you can use it within many applications: photovoltaic controllers, electrical panels controllers, water systems, etc.


eWON Weather Station on Facebook


eWON Weather Station - push data on facebookeWON Weather Station - hub & eWON Flexy