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The municipality of Orford uses eWON for water supply

Nestled in the rugged, picturesque and mountain like hills some 80 miles east of Montreal lies the small town of Orford, Quebec. Known for its nearby national forest, ski resorts and fantastic scenery Orford is home to 3,600 people. The rugged hills surrounding the town complicate the job of supplying water to its residents, businesses and fire protection services. And herein lies our story.

eWON was one of those unique products

Using eWON devices the municipality of Orford can monitor pumps and waters levels in real-time allowing for the collection of valuable data to maximize their system. By facilitating the management of water in situations involving overflow or extremely high demand, such as the event of fire emergencies, the small community can increase efficiency and expedite the response time for starting the pumps. Further, all reservoirs and wells are better managed and controlled.

Using eWON’s viewON software, the integrated HMI on the eWON router offers a powerful remote dashboard of each pumping station and a great diagnostic tool. In addition the eWON routers are configured to send daily emails of the logged data, as well as provide both email and SMS messages when an alarm occurs.

How does the system works?

Using eWON’s eFive VPN server and a number of remote eWON routers equipped with an integrated GSM 3G+ modem, Orford was able to avoid the costly and complicated need for towers and radio licensing required with an old style RF solution. The eFive is designed to create a permanent remote VPN connection between the remote PLCs and the local SCADA software. It also provides an easy deployment with connection versatility (cellular or LAN connection) with the option of fallback to the municipality of Orford. It handles all connectivity and security tasks to enable the SCADA software to connect to the remote sites.

Further, the eWON routers allow for access to the remote systems for programming, system troubleshooting and other routine tasks which often require a special trip to the site. This improves uptime and guarantees smoother operation. And, in a time when travel expenses can range into the neighborhood of $1200 per visit, remote access makes financial sense, too. 

Prior to integrating eWON systems, the old leased line technology once employed by the Orford municipality required daily on-site visits. These daily trips were not only time consuming but slowed the response time to any unforeseen emergency. Efficiency and performance are combined with greater overall water system security.


  • Lower cost and time savings by avoiding towers, radio licensing, and trips to the site
  • Ease of connectivity
  • Improve uptime and guarantee smoother operation
  • Greater overall water system security


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