eGrabit is a VPN client side application used to connect VPN appliances to eWON’s eFive. eGrabit can also manage direct VPN or dial-up connection to eWONs but also connections to eSync VPN servers.

What about eGrabit?

eGrabit allows to manage your VPN-client connection mainly to an eFive server (one at a time). The application is running on the PC side to establish the connection.

eGrabit can handle 4 types of connection:

  • an eFive server
  • a direct VPN to eWONs
  • a dial-up to eWONs
  • VPN to an eSync server

To learn more about what’s possible with eGrabit, get on the Getting’s Started section.

You can also find useful information in the Documentation page or the Knowledge Base section.

Current version: 3.1.0Releases notes