viewON is a graphical environment used to design animated HMI pages for the eWON Flexy and eWON 4000CD family. Embedded as a Web page, viewON transforms the eWON into a powerful remote dashboard containing complete synoptics with various objects and animations.

What about viewON?

viewON makes it possible to represent graphically a process, interact with eWON features (alarms, historical logging …), … viewON lets you create your own personal web pages, your own dashboard that can interact with the data coming from the eWON.

viewON uses the HTML5 and CSS3 to render your projects which means that those projects will be compatible on any modern browsers but also any mobile devices.

To learn more about what’s possible with viewON, get on the Getting’s Started section.

You can also find useful information in the Documentation page or the Knowledge Base section.

Don’t forget to watch the Technical videos that explain some of the features available for viewON.

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