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Europe: Talk2M Connectivity Issue for Free+ accounts

This morning around 7:20AM (GMT+1), OVH, the largest European hosting provider, experienced major disruption of their service during several hours. More information on OVH website:
Thousands of companies were affected by this outage, including several European Talk2M Free+ VPN servers, the corporate website and the Talk2M status page.

Thanks to Talk2M extensive infrastructure with multiple providers and servers around the world, the Talk2M team mitigated this major incident by switching the connection of affected eWON units to alternate VPN servers (around 10AM GMT+1), thereby restoring the Talk2M service earlier.

The OVH servers are now coming back and we are restoring the connection of affected eWON units. During the coming hours, you might notice short disconnection of some eWON units reconnecting to their original server.
We keep monitoring the situation very closely and being in close contact with OVH operation team. We keep you updated using the Talk2M status:

Please note that Talk2M Pro customers were NOT affected by this outage.

We apologize for the inconvenience.