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  • How to use a USB - RS232 Cable Converter

    This document explains how to use a USB – RS232 cable converter when it is combined with an eWON Cosy 131 or eWON Flexy.

  • KB-0001 How to switch modem band on eWON with Q24

  • KB-0002 How to do a PING function with Basic

    Script Example

  • KB-0003 How to change Tag parameter settings for multiple Tags in Basic

    Script Example

  • KB-0004 Exchange tag values between eWONs using Instant Value

    Script Example

  • KB-0005 eWON Serial Number Structure and Type Identification

    This KB explains how to identify the eWON type using the last 2 digits of its serial number, so using the Product Code digits.

  • KB-0007 eWON Modem Type

    The eWON comcfg.txt file contains information about the modem type which eWON tries to detect at eWON boot. (Parameters ModExpType and ModFrcType).

  • KB-0008 SMS reception with eWON

    Script Example

  • KB-0010 Leased Line specifications for the MT5634SMI-92 SocketModem

    Maximum distances for a Leased Line connection

  • KB-0011 Ethernet setup of OMRON PLC

    How to change the IP address of an Omron PLC using CX-Programmer