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  • KB-0216 Upgrade firmware from 3.8 to 5.x

    In this KB, you will discover how to upgrade the eWON firmware from a version 3.8 to a version 5.x

  • KB-0245 : Special requirements to upgrade firmware 10.# to a higher version

    If your firmware version is 10.0s0 or 10.0s1 and you need to upgrade to version 10.1s0 or higher, this document explains why you need to first upgrade to 10.0s2.

  • KB-0246 Downgrade from 10.1s0 to 10.s#

    Learn why you must perform a recovery instead of a downgrade when your firmware version is 10.1s0 and wish to go back to an older version of the major version 10.

  • KB-0252 : Bootloader upgrade for old eWON

    If you are unable to update the firmware of an old eWON (Serial number is older than 0648-xxxx-xx),you should probable upgrade the bootloader to the v2.