Knowledge bases Flexy

  • How to use a USB - RS232 Cable Converter

    This document explains how to use a USB – RS232 cable converter when it is combined with an eWON Cosy 131 or eWON Flexy.

  • KB-0005 eWON Serial Number Structure and Type Identification

    This KB explains how to identify the eWON type using the last 2 digits of its serial number, so using the Product Code digits.

  • KB-0013-0-EN - HITACHI serial cables

    Cable layout for serial connection between eWON and EH-PLC or H252C PLC.

  • KB-0014 Modem connection fallback for eWON2005-Talk2M

    Script Example

  • KB-0015 Switch to enable WAN or VPN connection

    Use the digital input of the eWON to enable or disable the WAN or VPN connetion (Internet connection) via a key switch for example. This document shows the eWON's configuration to set up but also the BASIC script to write in a Flexy.

  • KB-0018 Using eWON with OpenVPN

    This KB explains the different parameters which can be configured on the eWON for VPN connections. Advanced use only.

  • KB-0020 Configure your eWON using FTP

    Use an FTP connection to the eWON to change its configuration settings (config.txt, comcfg.txt, program.bas).
    This document also explains the use of the var_lst file (var_lst.txt or var_lst.csv).

  • KB-0021 Use of Topics for Tag Polling

    For each I/O Server, there are 3 topics (A, B, C) that you can define. In those topics you can choose the frequency of polling. You can also specify on which PLC you would like to read the linked Tags. 
    If you want to poll on more then 3 PLC then do not specify the destination equipment inside the Topic, but specify it in the Tag configuration.

  • KB-0028 How to create a tags report and send it by mail

    The purpose of this document is to give an example of how to create a report and send it by mail. The report will contain current tags values and will be generated in text and html formats.

  • KB-0029 Mdex VPN connection

    Config Example