Knowledge bases Flexy 205

  • How to use a USB - RS232 Cable Converter

    This document explains how to use a USB – RS232 cable converter when it is combined with an eWON Cosy 131 or eWON Flexy.

  • KB-0028 How to create a tags report and send it by mail

    The purpose of this document is to give an example of how to create a report and send it by mail. The report will contain current tags values and will be generated in text and html formats.

  • KB-0045 Relaying emails & text messages (SMS)

    This document explains how to configure your eWON to send out emails and text messages (SMS) using the eWON relay server.

  • KB-0046 How to relay Email and SMS using Talk2M?

    The Talk2M eMail/SMS relay helps you send e-mail and SMS text messages from any eWON connected to Talk2M. 

  • KB-0114 eWON recovery and major firmware upgrade

    In this KB, you will discover how to perform an eWON recovery or a major firmware upgrade.

  • KB-0239-00 : Access USB devices over IP connection

    The aim of the USB over IP, is to share USB devices over the network using the eWON. This means that the eWON Cosy 131 which is built with a USB port will let you use its USB over IP sharing capabilities through Talk2M.

    It is basically just as if you would plug the USB device directly in the PC even if this USB device is located on the other side of the world.

  • KB-0276 : Domain Name Resolution through VPN

    This document is a technical information about the "VPNPreDNS" parameter configuring the action on DNS request through VPN.

  • KB-0278-00: KPI Configuration

    This document explains the key performance indicators (a.k.a KPI) and how to set the KPI in the eWON Flexy family.

  • KB-0280-00: NTP Client - Server - Relay

    The present document explains how to configure the NTP (client, server or relay) of an eWON Cosy 131 or an eWON Flexy.

  • KB-0282-00: Anybus Wireless Bolt as Access Point

    This document details the configuration of an Anybus Bolt device as a Wi-Fi access point on the LAN side of your eWON device..