Knowledge bases Talk2M

  • KB-0044 eCatcher - Talk2M Troubleshooting

    The following document explains how to solve the Talk2M connection issue you may encounter when you are using the eCatcher software to connect to your Talk2M account

  • KB-0046 How to relay Email and SMS using Talk2M?

    The Talk2M eMail/SMS relay helps you send e-mail and SMS text messages from any eWON connected to Talk2M. 

  • KB-0055 User Triggered Talk2M Backup Connection through GPRS

    If the Ethernet WAN connection of an eWON (which has GPRS capability) drops, it can be waken-up by an SMS. This is a wake-up connection fallback for eWONs equipped with a GPRS modem but using the Ethernet connection.

  • KB-0069 Access Internet via eWON beside Talk2M VPN

    In this KB, we will see how to get access to Internet from behind the eWON-Talk2M and using the NAT & Transparent Forwarding features.

  • KB-0073 ARP Refresh time

    In this KB, you will learn how to deal with the ARP refresh time of the eWON.

  • KB-0077 Checksum verification eCatcher-Pro setup

    In this KB, you will discover how to verify the setup of your eCatcher Pro with the checksum verification.

  • KB-0095-0-EN : eCatcher sets Tap-Win32 IP via NETSH or DHCP command

    Discover how eCatcher sets the VPN IP address of the Tap-Win32 adapter. If you are having an issue when trying to connect to your eWON because of the VPN tunnel (NETSH or DHCP issue on the Tap-WIN32 adapter), this document will show how to fix them.

  • KB-0115 Force eWON to use TCP as VPN tunnel

    In this KB, you will discover how to configure your eWON in order to put the VPN in TCP mode.

  • KB-0124 Copy eWON list from one PC running eCatcher to another

    In this KB, you will discover how to duplicate the list of all eWONs from a computer running eCatcher to another computer.

  • KB-0147 Manually do a Go Offline

    In this KB, you will discover how to disconnect manually your eWON from its modem connection.