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  • KB-0282-00: Anybus Wireless Bolt as Access Point

    This document details the configuration of an Anybus Bolt device as a Wi-Fi access point on the LAN side of your eWON device..

  • KB-0283-00: Reach a LAN Device via Canonical Hostname

    The present document explains how to reach a LAN device connected to an eWON Flexy & eWON Cosy 131 via a domain name.

  • KB-0284-01: UTC timestamp logging

    This document details how timestamps of the recorded data in the eWON Flexy (as of firmware 13.2s0) can be set to refer to local time or to a UTC based model.

  • KB-0285-00: 4G Modem Troubleshooting

    The present document lists known issues the eWON Flexy and eWON Cosy 131 might face when using the 4G modem connection.

  • KB-0286-00 : WAN Connection Fallback for Cosy 131 and Flexy

    With this document, learn how to configure your eWON Cosy 131 or eWON Flexy to fall back to a secondary WAN interface when the primary one fails.

  • KB-0287-00: Renegotiate VPN Keys after 64 MB

    This document explain the process to renegotiate the VPN keys for an eWON CD or eWON Flexy connected to eFive OpenVPN server or to a custom OpenVPN server.

  • KB-0288-00: Talk2M VPN CA via SD Card

    You can use the SD Card (FAT32) feature to request a new registration of the gateway on Talk2M server and receive automatically the new VPN CA from the Talk2M server.

  • KB-1501 : DI configuration for Cosy 131

    In this document, discover what are the configuration possibilities (control Remote Access, Alarm notifications, ...) of the DI on an eWON Cosy 131.

  • KB-1502 : OPCUA IO server

    In this document, discover how the eWON Flexy can act as an OPCUA client by configuring the OPCUA IO server.