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  • KB-0036 Mitsubishi serial cable


  • KB-0037 2G/3G GSM antenna + cable kit

    Product description : EW40922, EW40923

  • KB-0038 DualBand GSM antenna

    Product description : EW40902

  • KB-0039 Tag Quality


  • KB-0041 eCatcher Free on Win7 64bits


  • KB-0043 eWON binary data files format

    The eWON allows you to export some files in a binary format. For example: ircall.bin for historical recording of tags or inst_val.bin for instant values of tags...

  • KB-0044 eCatcher - Talk2M Troubleshooting

    The following document explains how to solve the Talk2M connection issue you may encounter when you are using the eCatcher software to connect to your Talk2M account

  • KB-0045 Relaying emails & text messages (SMS)

    This document explains how to configure your eWON to send out emails and text messages (SMS) using the eWON relay server.

  • KB-0046 How to relay Email and SMS using Talk2M?

    The Talk2M eMail/SMS relay helps you send e-mail and SMS text messages from any eWON connected to Talk2M. 

  • KB-0048 How to Extract Date & Time from the eWON?

    This document explains the scripting syntax to extract Date & Time from your eWON.