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  • KB-0049 How to use Remote Desktop Connection through eWON?

    This document will show you the configuration to allow the use of "Remote Desktop Connection function" of your PC. Not only the standard Windows feature is explored but also VNC and TeamViewer.

  • KB-0050-00: comcfg.txt Parameters

    This document lists the comcfg.txt parameters which represent the communication parameters of the eWON.

  • KB-0052-00: config.txt Parameters

    This document lists the config.txt parameters which represent the configuration parameters (different than the communication parameters) of the eWON.

  • KB-0054 Alarm Email & SMS Templates

    Beginning in firmware 7.0s0, you can easily customize the contents of your alarm notification emails and SMS messages.  

  • KB-0055 User Triggered Talk2M Backup Connection through GPRS

    If the Ethernet WAN connection of an eWON (which has GPRS capability) drops, it can be waken-up by an SMS. This is a wake-up connection fallback for eWONs equipped with a GPRS modem but using the Ethernet connection.

  • KB-0056 eWON Flexy compared with eWON CD

    The eWON Flexy and the eWON CD run the same eWON firmware. 
    Both device have the same WEB Interface, use same file system (config.txt, comcfg.txt, program.bas, /usr, …), same basic scripting, etc. 
    This document lists the hardware and feature differences between CD and Flexy.

  • KB-0057 eSync - Database backup and cleanup

    To help you to manage the eSync Mysql database, we provide two utilities: a Database Cleaner utility and a Database Backup utility.

  • KB-0058 eSync - Receiving data over HTTPS

    This KB will show you how to configure your eSync server to listen for HTTPS requests and how to configure the eWON to send the data out using HTTPS.

  • KB-0059 eSync - CSV file export

    eSync offers the possibility to create CSV files directly when new data is sent by eWONs.

  • KB-0060 eSync - VPN Server configuration

    How To