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Official release of eBuddy v12.3

The new version of the eBuddy software eases the installation of prerelease firmware versions. This comes in handy as the prerelease firmware version 12.3s1PR is out.

There are two major improvements in this eBuddy 12.3:

  • Prerelease firmware version: eBuddy is now capable of handling the prereleases. If the option is enabled, eBuddy will offer the possibility to download a prerelease firmware version and set it into a Cosy 131 / Flexy.
  • .ebu on SD card: Starting version 12.3, an .ebu file, used to perform a recovery on an eWON device, can be copied from eBuddy to an SD card. This feature is no longer limited to .edf files.

For details, see the release notes.