• eCatcher v6.3.5

    The PR version of eCatcher 6.3.5 is now turning into an official one.
  • eCatcher Mobile

    A prerelease app called eCatcher Mobile is now available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.
  • eCatcher v6.3.5PR

    A new prerelease version of eCatcher is out! This PR version comes with some major improvements.
  • eCatcher v6.2.2

    eCatcher v6.2.1 was first out as a pre-release. Here are the main improvements we included in this pre-release version:

  • Pre-release eCatcher 6.1

    This pre-release version comes with some major improvements that are listed here under.

    As a reminder and if help is needed, an online help exists for eCatcher. This one is available at

  • New release of eCatcher : v6.0.1

    The new version of eCatcher v6.0.1 offers various fixes but especially one that concerns the disconnect method.

    To connect to an eWON while already being connected to one, you can either hit the disconnect button then connect to the other eWON or directly double-click on the desired one.

    In the first case scenario, eCatcher didn't reconfigure correctly the routing network which lead to an impossibility to connect to the second eWON. But now, that is history.

  • Pre-release eCatcher 6

    eWON has just pre-released a new version of eCatcher!

    This new version is needed to enjoy all the new features the eWON firmware v11 offer which area:

    Global Registration Key

    eCatcher v6 is now capable of copying the GRK on an SD card so you can plug this SD Card in an unregistered eWON. The GRK is then used by the firmware v11 of the eWON to link this eWON to your Talk2M account.

    Use the same SD Card to link all your enregistered eWONs to your Talk2M account in a single step.

  • Pre-release of eCatcher

    eWOn has just sent out a pre-release of its software eCatcher: v5.1. Discover everything what's new...