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eCatcher v6.3.5

The eCatcher PR version which was out in October 2017 is now turning into an official eCatcher version 6.3.5.

There has been no modification inbetween. As a reminder, here's a recap of what is inside this v6.3.5:


Some major improvements have been brought to this 6.3 version:

  • Tap adapter improvement & Windows 10 support
    In some circumstances, eCatcher couldn't open a VPN connection using the NETSH protocol and the openVPN config. file had to be modified to use DHCP instead. This modification is no longer needed. Work has also be done to improve the compatibility between NETSH and Windows 10.
  • Logbook improvement
    A message can be written in the logbook even if the eWON device is offline. In some occasions, the logbook could lose its text as the user switched to another application. This no longer occurs.

Other features have been added or improved:

  • User Interface
    The interface was amended to ease the user experience: bigger pools dropdown, splash screen at the start, modification of static sentences in logbook, ...
  • M2Web custom URL
    A custom URL can be used to target a LAN device connected to the eWON. Anchors such as #my-anchor can be used in that URL.
  • Automatic Security Patch Upgrade
    The option to enable or disable the ASPU has been added to the Account tab of the interface. More info about the ASPU in the TOU of Talk2M.

For the whole list, please refer to the release notes.

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