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Official release: firmware v11.2s1

There are 3 main features to discover in this firmware version:

  • OPC UA server (for Flexy)
    As of firmware 11.2, the eWON Flexy features an OPC UA server that allows you to access your Tags through an OPC UA Client. Only the instantaneous Tag values are accessible in Read&Write through OPC UA. The historical logging or the alarms cannot be retrieved.
    See AUG-064: OPC UA Server in eWON Flexy for more details.
  • DHCP Server on eWON LAN (for Flexy & Cosy 131).
    This allows you to attribute IP addresses dynamically to devices that join the eWON LAN network. This is indeed very useful in case you connect your laptop to the eWON LAN network in order to troubleshoot the eWON or another LAN device (such as a PLC).
    See KB-0267: DHCP Server on LAN for more details
  • Support of the new Flexy IO board (4-20mA and 0-10V analog input)
    A new Flexy Extension Card has been released. With it comes a new documentation. See description in IG-018: eWON Flexy 8DI-4AI-2DO Ext. Card FLX 3402

Other improvements concern the Gateway & WiFi communication, the SMS on alarm, ... All improvements and fixes can be read in the firmware release note.

To update the eWON, please refer to Firmware section.