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Prerelease firmware version: 12.3s1PR

A new prerelease is available for the Cosy 131 and the Flexy family.

Here are the main improvements and features brought to this prerelease firmware version 12.3s1PR:

  • Cosy 131 DI notifications: You can now use the DI1 / DI2 on your Cosy 131 to generate alarms via email or SMS. Check the Knowledge Base.
  • Cosy & Flexy WAN Fallback: Learn how to set up and use a secondary WAN interface as a fallback connection. Check the Knowledge Base.
  • OPCUA IO Server: Introducing the Flexy OPCUA client. Check the Knowledge Base.

If you wish to see the whole list of improvements & fixes, please refer to the release notes.

As this is a firmware prerelease, it is also useful to talk about eBuddy which now handles the prereleases.