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Release of the firmware v12.1s1PR

With this minor release, we are actually focusing on two points:

  • PR notion

The release of a firmware version is in two phases:

  • first, we release a version postfixed with PR for Pre-Release (e.g : 12.1s1PR)
  • then later on (in a time frame of 2/3 months), we will release the official version (e.g : 12.1s1, in which we remove the “PR”)

We know that some people are always waiting for new improvements or desired fixes that will be integrated in a future firmware release whereas others just want to use the official versions.

To learn more about this PR notion and its consequences, please refer to our Firmware page.

  • 4G compliance

This is for sure the biggest improvement for this release: a firmware version that can handle the 4G extension card.

Referenced under the tag FLB 3204, this new card has been designed for EU market. With the help of the 12.1s1PR, you can now take advantage of the 4G communication channel with your eWON.