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Release of the firmware v12.1s2

With this release, we are officially releasing the firmware version 12.1s1PR. As a reminder, you can check what the 12.1s1PR brought as improvements.

However, the 12.1s2 is not only a copy of the 12.s1PR as it also comes with some fixes:

  • EUM card
    The Flexy can operate a repair or format in case of respectively damaged or corrupted filesystem (i.e: following a device reboot).
  • OPCUA server
    We can write multiple tags when using the OPCUA protocol in the Flexy.
  • Internet Wizard (since v12.0s0)
    When using the EZ DHCP feature from eBuddy, the Internet Wizard could get stuck. This is no longer the case.

Download the new firmware via eBuddy.