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Ewon Security Enhancement (Fixed in 13.1s0)

Ewon reference: Webserver - Ewon authentication mechanism improvement


Affected devices: All

Affected firmware versions: From 12.2 to 13.0

Status: Fixed

Severity: Low (CVSS 3 Score of 3.7)



A non-authenticated user could get access in read only to some Ewon device information.

This is not impacting Talk2M users, only the Ewon local users are concerned.


Mitigation Factors:

As a rule, we recommend:

  • to avoid making Ewons devices being directly reachable from non-trusted user by using a firewall and an access control policy.
  • use a secure remote access solution like Talk2M.



Install the last firmware version. This has been fixed as from version 13.1s0.



Discovered by: Tijl Deneut - Howest (UGent) and Hodei López & Ander Martínez, members of the company Titanium Industrial Security, participants in a project linked to the National Network of Industrial Laboratories (RNLI) of the NationalInstitute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE).