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ViewON 4 pre-release

eWON has just released a new version of its viewON software.

viewON makes it possible to represent graphically a process, interact with eWON features (alarms, historical logging …), …
This software lets you create your own personal web pages, your own dashboard that can interact with the data coming from the eWON.

No need to go any further with what viewON is as this section explains it all. But what's new is this pre-release that offers multiple major improvements:

  • Adaptive view
    When using mobile devices, the project's view can automatically resized to fit the device's window size.
    You can also create different views of the same page depending on the targeted device. Display a view for a PC user, a modified one for a tablet user and again another one for smartphone user. All representing the same page.
  • User Access Rights
    Viewer, Operator and Admin are the new roles created for viewON. Set your users created in your eWON with a role to specify which objects of which view can be displayed for each one of them.
  • viewON & eWON tags
    You are now able to retrieve tags value directly from the eWON itself by JS scripting. You can also use viewON tags you created in your animation/actions.
  • Automated animations
    Translation, rotation and blink are the animations that don't depend on tag anymore. Set the parameters of the animation and you're good to go.
  • Client Side Scripting
    A feature which enables users to add their own JS code into their project. Even better, jQuery framework has been implemented. Set your own animations, functions, ...

Be advised that viewON 4 is in its pre-release version. There could still be some misbehaviours when using this version.
If such misbehaviour were to occur, please notify us by sending an email to the Support Team.

For more information about this pre-release, refer to the viewON section.