20314: Reboot reason: Watchdog in process (http)

20314Reboot reason: Watchdog in process (http)wd

If your eWON reboots with this Watchdog, it's because the eWON WebServer is generating an output that take a long time. By default the watchdog coudl occurs after 130 sec.

You can increase this time by using the config.txt parameter HTTP_REQTO (HTTP REQuest TimeOut)


The default value 0 means the TimeOut will be equal to 65 sec.
When the WebServer generates an output, it must not take more than 2x this TimeOut instead a watchdog will occur. If your application needs to generate long duration output, you may need to increase this parameter.

Example: If you set   HTTP_REQTO:120  , the watchdog will occur after 240 sec.