Error Code List

In this section, we introduce all the error code that could occur when using the eWON.

Select from the list below or in the menu on the left which error code you wish to read about:

- 22088 eppp-PPP negociation failed. (user/password/pap-chap?)
- 27246 emodem-Modem detected does not match expected and modem will be reset
- 27255 emodem-GPRS attach operation failed
- 28611 secu-Authentication failure (From xxx server, )
- 31127 wanmgt-Ethernet gateway not used (incompatible internet connection)
- 33240 t2m-DNS failure, using static Talk2M access server
- 7559 gio-Cycle abandonned
20105 Pla-Queue error (Rd/Wr)
20134 pla-Open interface failed
20314 Reboot reason
20324 main-No address received from DHCP (on Eth WAN)
21703 ssnd-Connect socket failed
21704 ssnd-SMTP server returned an error msg
22034 eppp-Budget call empty
22083 The dialin watchdog has been triggered
22307 smbs-Connect socket failed
22332 smbs-Serial port not opened
23500 sms-Unknown protocol requested
23502 sms-The server phone number entered is not correct
23507 sms-The SMS syntax is not valid
23514 sms-GSM protcol error (6)
23518 sms-SMS send failed
24003 ftpc-Connect socket failed
24017 ftpc-FTP Srv error (...)
27205 emodem-GSM Modem init failed (SIM State
27256 emodem-Invalid modem for band operation
27802 eip-receive socket error during read write ablsrv
28002 bakfile-Could not rename file to backup
28101 vcom-TCP Bind failed
28607 secu-Operation failed
30401 ablsrv-CIP Error Code in Reply
30802 wsd-#save requested with WSD not initialized
32601 httpc-http connect error
33003 stdsrv-Socket Bind Error
33106 epxy-Maximum sessions per port reached
33233 t2m-Talk2M read VPN server address failed
34507 ecfg-LAN and WAN IP addresses configured are conflicting
7555 gio-IO change queue error
925 pcmflash- http