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ControlLogix Family

ABLogix IO server is used to communicate with Allen Bradley Logix Series PLCs on the Ethernet link or on the Serial link (in DF1 protocol).

  • It allows the eWON to poll ABLOGIX PLCs to read data.
  • It allows the eWON to act as EIP-DF1 gateway for remote maintenance of the ABLOGIX PLCs.
  • It allows the eWON to poll DH+ device using ControlLogix gateway.

eWON only allows DF1 communication with devices directly connected to the eWON Serial link (the ABLOGIX PLC may not be located behind another PLC connected on the DF1 serial link acting itself as gateway).

Remote maintenance available.

Check the table below to find which IOServer (DF1 or ABLogix) you need to use to connect your Rockwell device and the minimum firmware version required.

PLC Name/TypeEIPDF1eWON versionCommentsIO Server name
PLC5  Rev 5.1 DF1
SLC500    DF1
MicroLogix    DF1
CompactLogix  Rev 5.3DF1 only since Rev 5.3ABLOGIX
ControlLogix  Rev 5.3DF1 only since Rev 5.3ABLOGIX
FlexLogix  Rev 5.3DF1 only since Rev 5.3ABLOGIX

You can watch an example on how an eWON can be linked to a ControlLogix.


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