A firmware downgrade is possible but it needs to be done with extreme cautious.

For eWON Flexy and Cosy 131

A recovery must be performed.

For eWON Cd and Cosy 141

You need to distinguish 2 different types of downgrade:

  • To a lower service release but on the same firmware version. For example from 5.0s7 to 5.0s4. This can be done using eBuddy or a manual FTP upload as explained here above. eWON should, in normal circumstances, keep its configuration. But to play on the save side best take a backup first before proceeding with the downgrade of your eWON.
  • To a lower firmware version For example from 5.6s3 to 5.4s0. This cannot be done using eBuddy. eWON does not accept an older firmware version. A special downgrade operation must be applied as explained in the eWON General Reference Guide (Chapter 9.4, Downgrade firmware). Note: During this downgrade procedure eWON will reset to factory settings.

How to downgrade?

It is mainly based on the firmware file "ewonfwr.edf" that can manually be downloaded on the Manual Firmware Update page and the version you are trying to downgrade to.

- Firmware version is < 5

On firmware version prior to 5.x, the downgrade procedure is the same as the upgrade procedure: Use the "ewonfwr.edf" of the targeted firmware and copy it on the eWON root directory by FTP.

Note: After a downgrade, it is recommended to format completely your eWON.

- Firmware version is >= 5

On firmware version 5.x (and above), to downgrade your eWON:

  • The firmware file "ewonfwr.edf" needs to be renamed in "dewonfwr.edf" (note the leading “d”) .
  • Copy this file on the eWON root directory by FTP. You need to rename the ewonfwr.edf file into dewonfwr.edf only for firmware version downgrades!

Service release firmware versions (i.e: v9.0s0) are not technically considered as downgrade.


    • 5.0 is lower than 5.1
    • 5.0 S4 is not lower than 5.0 S7 (Service release on the same firmware version 5.0)
    • 4.3 is lower than 5.0

 The download operation is slightly different: When the flashing operation starts, the user LED will first flash red – green – off repetitively then the normal flashing sequence with red flash will start.

The first operation consists in a complete memory erasure.

Good to know

The firmware downgrade erases ALL eWON configuration files (comcfg.txt too) ! The eWON IP address returns to and the modem parameters to default.

Never do a downgrade from a 5.x firmware version remotely!

So please backup the txt config version, comcfg file and /usr folder data before downgrading.