eWON Firmware

Latest firmware
Flexy: 13.3s0
Cosy 131: 13.3s0
CD & Cosy 141: 11.3s0

Detailed release notes

To take advantage of new features, fixed issues… you need to upgrade the firmware of your eWON. This one is in constant evolution for which each update brings improvements.

To let you keep track of all releases, we update a text file each time a new firmware is out with its changelog. You can find this file here: release.txt

PR Notion

The release of a firmware version is in two phases:

  • first, we release a version postfixed with PR for Pre-Release (e.g : 12.1s1PR)
  • then later on (in a time frame of 2/3 months), we will release the official version (e.g : 12.1s1, in which we remove the “PR”)

We know that people are always waiting for new improvements or desired fixes that will be integrated in a future firmware release.
In this way, by dividing the release (PR and official), we make such features available earlier but we are also expressing our belief in the concerned PR firmware version to be an upcoming official release.

It is good to notice that during a PR version:

  • Documentation and other support tools can still be in the process of publishing. They might be available but not fully completed.
  • Marketing/sales materials may not be published until the official release. It may also happen that Marketing release will be provided earlier than Official release, for preannouncement reasons.
  • The installation of such PR versions is not advised to be performed on devices which should be deployed or commissioned. We would advise to wait for the official release version.

Upgrade firmware

Currently, there are 2 different methods to upgrade the eWON firmware:

  • Via eBuddy software

eBuddy should be the primary choice. Via this Companion tool, you will download the latest firmware version available for your eWON on your computer. Once downloaded, eBuddy directly upgrades the firmware on the eWON. All is performed in one place: the eBuddy software.

If you need a major upgrade (for example: from v7# to v8#), you have to perform a recovery or use pivot firmware in order to install the new firmware version.

Upgrade with eBuddy 

  • Via FTP client

The FTP solution should be considered as an alternative. The firmware upgrade file can be downloaded manually on your computer and then uploaded on your eWON via an FTP client.

If a major upgrade is needed (for example: from v7# to v8#), you have to perform a recovery or use pivot firmware in order to install the new firmware version which can only be done using eBuddy.

Upgrade manually via FTP


Note: Even if the upgrade process (without recovery) doesn't erase any configuration/data of the eWON, it's always recommended to make a backup before. Just use the Backup/Restore Application wizard in eBuddy to create a backup of your eWON configuration (and application or program).

There is also the possibility to downgrade the firmware version. This is a specific case and we suggest to be very cautious when trying a downgrade.

Downgrade your eWON.