Getting Started

eBuddy is eWON’s Maintenance Utility. With this software you are able to:

  • View basic information
  • Set the IP address
  • Update the firmware
  • Perform a backup or restore system
  • Update eBuddy


Basic information

When opening eBuddy in the “List mode”, you will see some basic information such as the Serial Number, the Device type connected to the network, the IP address, MAC address… 

Set Ip Address

Many networks can be involved during the remote access. This is why we created the KB-0064-0-EN_(Set up the LAN IP address for an eWON) that will help understand why you need to choose an IP that would be a perfect match to allow the routing to your eWON.

If you only wish to see how to easily change eWON’s IP address with eBuddy, you can also check our video tutorial

Update firmware

eBuddy is one of the choice offered to perform a firmware update and that can be done within minutes. eBuddy will get you through the whole process simply by following a specific process.

Be aware that a recovery might be needed for some firmware updates. Please read the appropriate KB for more information. 

Backup / Restore Application

A backup can be done either to save a config file to keep a trace of a specific moment or can be asked by the Support Team if you contacted them for troubleshooting.