Getting Started

eCatcher is a software that lets you connect to your eWONs no matter where you/they are.

A VPN connection is created from your computer to the remote site which gives you access to your eWONs and the devices connected behind (these could be PLCs, IP Camera, other machines, …). It is just as if you were locally connected.

This VPN tunnel is possible thanks to the Talk2M servers. Indeed, once the eCatcher software installed and launched, you need to create a Talk2M account. Afterwards you will be able to link your eWONs to this account and so to manage them at will.

 If you want to learn more about how to create an account and how to manage it, depending on the type of Talk2M account, you can either download the Free+ document or the Pro one.

There is also a dedicated website that explains each feature / section / action of the eCatcher software. This website is actually an online help that is also accessible directly within the software (by clicking on the “?” icon in the upper right frame).

You can visit such website at : Online eCatcher Help for Free+ account or for Pro account.