The eFive is a hardware platform featuring a Virtual Private Network (VPN) gateway with OpenVPN. It is mainly used to gather several eWONs and make them accessible for a SCADA, …

Limited Availability
The eWON eFive 100 entered the limited availability phase. It is not longer recommended for new designs and/or new projects. For further information, please contact your point of sales.



eWON appreciates your interest in our products.

Being at the forefront of technology is important for us and we would like to notify you about the end-of-life of the product(s) mentioned below.

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Key Milestones

  • 7-Jan-19: Limited availability of the eWON eFive 100 and its maintenance programs 1 and 3 years.
  • 2-Sep-19: Last time Buy Order deadline for the eWON eFive 100.
  • 31-Dec-19: Last time shipment in one batch + End Of Life.

Reason for change

Components End of Life

Description of change

The eWON eFive 100 product will enter End of Life status. They should not be proposed for new business.

EOL Product Part NumberSubstitute Product Part Number
E520201 (eFive 100)E510101 (eFive 25)
E591201 (Gold maintenance, 1 year)E591101 (Gold maintenance, 1 year)
E593201 (Gold maintenance, 3 years)E593101 (Gold maintenance, 3 years)

eFive acts as a middleman between receiving the data from the eWONs on site and sending the data to a device (SCADA) in order to visualize the result.

The eFive will establish a secured communication channel (VPN tunnel) between the eWONs and the SCADA and will protect your network with an integrated firewall.