Getting Started

The eFive has been designed to build your own VPN network with the eWON range. It acts as OpenVPN Server and the eWONs act as OpenVPN Clients.

There are currently 2 different eFive hardware versions:

eFive 25

supports up to 50 eWONs (50 VPN clients)

eFive 100

supports up to 200 eWONs (200 VPN clients)


In order to get the eFive working correctly, you will need either a fixed IP or configure a DynDNS.

Each model has its own Installation Guide, namely IG-012-0-EN for the eFive 25 and IG-013-0-EN for the eFive 100.

The eFive hardware comes with the eGrabit software which is a VPN client connection application that allows VPN appliances to connect to the eFive. It can also deal with direct VPN connection and dial-up connections to eWONs as well as connections to eSync VPN servers. To learn more on how it works and how to use it, read our eGrabit AUG.