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Getting Started

eGrabit allows to manage your VPN-client connection mainly to an eFive server (one at a time). The application is running on the PC side to establish the connection.

Therefore it creates a new instance in your Windows Network Connections. This instance is a virtual adapter that is activated when you ask eGrabit to establish a client connection to the VPN server.

eGrabit can handle 4 types of connection:

  • an eFive server

The eFive is useful to regroup eWONs and the devices located behind and so get access for a SCADA or any other monitoring system. 

  • a direct VPN to eWONs

This method will let you connect to eWONs through a VPN tunnel and so in a secured way. 

  • a dial-up to eWONs

If you don’t have any Internet connection, the PSTN line is a valid option to reach the eWONs from eGrabit. 

  • VPN to an eSync server

If you have an eSync server installed, the eGrabit can also manage the connection from your eWONs to the targeted server.


Depending on the type of connection, you need to configure the eGrabit. For more information on how to do so, read the AUG Connection Tool.