Getting Started

To get the eSync software up and running, you will first need an eWON with data logging / alarms enabled. And of course eSync installed on a computer.

The process is simple:


The different eWONs on the field will poll values coming from devices (PLCs, computers, …) connected to them via Serial, MPI or Ethernet port. These eWONs will then send the data to the eSync server.

The eWON will send periodically its data. This time interval can be configured via eWON’s web interface. It will even only send its newest data: a timestamp is transmitted to eSync server which makes it possible for the eWON to know from where it should start the synchronization.

The data contains different information:

  • Historical logging:

this regroups the historical values of the tags but also the alarms created for those tags

  • Real time values:

this concerns the tags value and the alarm summary at the moment of the synchronization

The eSync server receives then all the data and stores it in a MySQL database. Be aware that eSync was meant to be a transit database and not a permanent one. This means that it is highly recommended to migrate/transfer the data from eSync server to an external database.

Note: eSync installs an Apache Webserver as well as a MySQL Database. It is thus recommended to use a dedicated server running Windows 2008 or upper. Windows 7 and upper will work but is not advised.

You can find more information in the AUG-029.pdf.