Getting Started

In the CD Family, you will find out that most of the configuration or settings that concern the eWON Flexy imply the eWON CD too. This is because they run the same firmware. This means that both devices will have the same web Interface, use the same file system (config.txt, comcfg.txt, program.bas, /usr…), ...

However, even if the two devices are very similar, there remains some differences. In this section, not only will you find which ones but you will have the ability to read our guide ( AUG-004-0-EN-(eWON Getting Started) ) to start using the CD.

If you were to be answerless after reading the CD section, do not hesitate to visit the Flexy one .

CD Base units 

You have multiple possibilities regarding the eWON CD when it comes to the connectivity:

eWON 2101CD & 4101CD both Serial or MPI

The 2101CD and 4101CD have 3 communications ports available:
  • Ethernet port that is only for LAN purpose
  • A serial port that will link the PLC to your eWON
  • A PSTN port that will connect your eWON to your network and to the Internet.
eWON 2005CD & 4005CD both Serial or MPI

The 2005CD and 4005CD have 3 different methods to connect to the Internet:
  • A WAN Ethernet port
  • A PSTN line
  • A Cellular modem They also provide different ways to link your PLC
  • A 4 Ethernet ports switch for LAN purpose
  • A Serial or MPI port
eWON 2104 & 4104 both Serial or MPI

The 2104CD and 4104CD propose
  • A PSTN port to connect to the Internet and to your network
  • A 4 Ethernet ports switch for LAN purpose
  • A Serial or MPI port

Same as the Flexy 10x & 20x, the differences between 2XXXCD and 4XXXCD are in the routing features. The 2XXX series will simply act as a Data Gateway whereas the 4XXX series will offer you the possibility to perform port forwarding or NAT, relate the data with viewON or web HMI, visualize some historical logging…