Flexy 201H (C1D2)

This section regroups all the information of the eWON Flexy 201H where "H" stands for HazLoc (Hazardous Location as opposed to OrdLoc, Ordinary Location) also called eWON Flexy CID2 which refers to Class I Division 2.

The Flexy 201H has the same features as the Standard one but it has also received official certificates in order to be placed and work in a CID2 area.
If your Flexy is in an Ordinary Location, please visit the Flexy page.

Where can you set up the Flexy 201H?


The eWON Flexy 201H may be used in the yellow area
whereas the Standard Flexy, the OrdLoc, must only be set in the green area. Both cannot be in the red zone!

  • Indoor use only
  • Class I: Danger of explosion due to flammable gas or vapor.
    • NO dust
    • NO fibres
    • NO flyings
  • Division 2: Hazard only exists due to abnormal conditions
    • Gas / Volatile liquids confined in closed containers
    • Ignitable concentration normally prevented by ventilation
    • Adjacent to Class I, Division 1 locations
      (or Adjacent to Class I, Zone 1 locations)


As the Flexy 201H works the same as the Standard version, most of the software & documentation that can be found on the Flexy page are valid for both versions.

Nevertheless you will find below, a list of resources specific for the Flexy 201H.



eWON Flexy 201H - Installation GuideIG-023-0-EN-(eWON Flexy - 201H).pdf 


Official Documents

eWON Flexy 201H - FLX3401 Class I Division 2 Specifications (Control drawing)EHW-0070-011-CD.pdf 
eWON Flexy 201H - UL Certificate Of Compliance (COC) E465346UL Certificate Of Compliance (COC) E465346