With its alarm system, you can configure your eWON to notify uses of alarm conditions by a notification on web pages, an email in your inbox, a SMS on your mobile phone, a file on a FTP server or by a SNMP Trap.

For example, you can receive a notification when a tag has exceeded a maximum / minimum value you have previously set, when the eWON starts up, or on the state of a switch.

When you create a new tag, you will find an “Alarm Setup” section where you can configure the settings of your alarm



Once your tag has been set up with an alarm, you can configure how you want to be alerted ( emails, sms, etc)

The alarm can be triggered by 4 different states:

  • ALM: the alarm occurs due to the settings of low / lowlow / high / highhigh fields or Boolean alarm level.
  • ACK: which means Acknowledging the level/state of a tag is abnormal.
  • RTN: which means Return To Normal
  • END: which means the end of the alarm

You will find more information on the alarm system starting page 83 of the  RG-001-0-EN-(General Reference Guide).