Direct VPN Connection

3 different types of connection can be set up with your eWON when you want to establish a Direct VPN Connection. For more detail, please read the related documents in the Resources section.

With its embedded PSTN, ISDN or GSM/GPRS modem, the eWON is your access point to field applications and your service gateway to perform remote maintenance on distant equipments.


Instead of using the modem, you can also use the second Ethernet Interface to reach your eWON through the local Internet access or an ADSL connection.


Or you can link 2 remote sites together using a VPN connection over the Internet via the second Ethernet interface.



Direct VPN connection using a modemAUG-002.pdf
VPN -Direct connection using 2nd Eth. InterfaceAUG-020.pdf
Linking 2 Sites Together Using VPNAUG-015.pdf