Latest firmware for Flexy 205: 13.3s0

Detailed release notes

Normally, if your environment is running smoothly, no firmware update is required. We recommend upgrading the firmware only if you want to take advantage of new features or fixes. 

New important features or fixes are also announced through our news section .

How to upgrade?

Use our eBuddy software to upgrade the firmware of your Flexy.

Via this Companion tool, you will download the latest firmware version available for your Flexy onto your computer and upgrade it then directly via eBuddy. Here's how to proceed:

  1. Launch eBuddy
  2. Download latest Flexy firmware :

    eBuddy Process 1

    Be sure to select the right product with the corresponding language:

    eBuddy Process 2

  3. Upgrade the firmware of your eWON Flexy 
    You will need to distinguish a minor from a major firmware upgrade

    If you are simply changing the Service version, for example from v8.1 s0 to v8.1 s4 , this is considered as a minor upgrade. For any other upgrade, for example from v8.1 to v8.2 or v8.2 to v9.0, it is considered as a major upgrade.

    For major upgrade

    For minor upgrade

    • Make sure your PC has a compatible IP address with the eWON IP address (LAN or VPN)
    • Select the update firmware wizard inside eBuddy
    • Encode the IP address of your eWON (or use the Browse function)
    • Confirm the firmware update
    • Wait until eWON reboots with new eWON firmware.

In addition to the eBuddy firmware upgrade process, there are alternative methods such as upgrading the firmware using FTP, downgrading firmware, etc. Find more in the firmware section.