PLC Area

Thanks to the Base Unit and extension cards of the Flexy, you can customize your eWON Flexy to create the right equipment to communicate with your PLCs / devices.

The eWON Flexy supports several types of protocol:

Logo Hitachi


The eWON uses the HITACHI IO server to manage the Hitachi EH series. The eWON will use standard H protocol (for serial RS232), station number H protocol (for serial RS485), and ethernet H-protocol (for ethernet).

You can discover more on the Hitachi connectivity section .

Logo Mistubishi


There are 2 IO servers to communicate with a Mitsubishi:

  • MITSUFX IO server for the Mitsubishi FX series over serial
  • MELSEC IO server for the Mitsubishi Q series, FX3U, and A series over Ethernet

You can discover more on the Mitsubishi connectivity section .

Logo Modbus


The eWON has a MODBUS IO server that gives access to values for devices that understand the MODBUS protocol, the standard remote IO communication.

You can discover how to configure your Modbus IO Server and learn more on the Modbus connectivity section .

Logo Omron


The FINS IO server is designed to provide simultaneous access to OMRON equipment on its serial and Ethernet interface. 

You can discover more on the Omron connectivity section .

Logo Rockwell

Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley)

The eWON has 2 IO servers for Rockwell Automation:

  • the DF1 IO server for the SLC, PLC5 and MicroLogix family
  • the ABLogix IO server for the ControlLogix, CompactLogix and FlexLogix family

You can discover more on the Rockwell connectivity section .

Logo Schneider


The eWON with its RS485 DIP switch can be configured with the Unitelway IO server which provides two features :

  • Polling items in a Unitelway capable device
  • Forward XIP requests from TCP/IP XIP to Unitelway bus (act as a gateway between XIP and Unitelway)

You can discover more on the Schneider connectivity section .

Logo Siemens

Siemens / VIPA

You can choose between 3 IO servers depending on the model of your Siemens PLC:

You can discover more on the Siemens connectivity section .



The SNMP IO server communicates with any SNMPv1 compatible devices.

You can discover more on the SNMP connectivity section .

Logo eVCOM

Other Devices

Almost any device with a serial link (RS232, RS485, RS422) can be reached by the eWON. Read more about it in the PLC Connectivity section .