The MITSUFX IOServer allows the eWON to poll tags on a MITSUBISHI FX series PLC using its RS-422 base unit programming connector.

The MELSEC IOServer allows the eWON to poll tags on a MITSUBISHI Q series PLC using the MC protocol on the Ethernet interface. Beginning with firmware 7.0, the MELSEC IOServer also allows polling FX3U and A series PLCs over Ethernet.

No remote maintenance functionality is provided by either IO server. For remote maintenance the Ethernet routing feature or VCOM feature (serial) of the eWON must be used.

You can learn more about the VCOM solution on the eVCOM software page.

Look in the table below to find which IOServer you need to use to connect your Mitsubishi device and the minimum firmware version required. 

PLC Name/TypeEthernetSerialeWON versionCommentsIO Server name
FX Series  Rev 5.5Polling only on SerialMITSUFX
Q Series  Rev 6.3Polling only on EthernetMELSEC


Remote Access for Mitsubishi PLCs AUG-043.pdf
Access Mitsubishi PLCs through an existing Talk2M connection AUG-044.pdf
MitsuFX IOServer (extract from RG-001) MitsuFX.pdf
MELSEC IOServer (extract from RG-001) MELSEC.pdf
Remote Access & Polling from Mitsubishi PLCKB-0264.pdf