The MODBUS IO Server is the standard remote IO communication setup of the eWON. It is used to configure:

  • The eWON as a Modbus RTU master.
  • The eWON as a Modbus TCP slave and master.

The eWON MODBUS IO server will give access to values for equipment having a MODBUS interface. The interface can be:

  • Serial – MODBUS RTU protocol will be used
  • Ethernet – MODBUS TCP protocol will be used.

The eWON can mix access to MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP, depending on the way the Tag address is defined.

If you need a VCOM solution for remote access, you can learn more about it on the eVCOM software page.


IOServer Modbus (extract from RG-001) IOServer Modbus.pdf
Simple Modbus network should be setup easily Understand and use eWON ModbusRTU.pdf
Modbus application protocol specification (v1.1a) Modbus_app_spec.pdf
Modbus Installation Checklist eWON500_UG_TranspGate_UK_1_0.pdf
MbsTcpCOM: virtual Modbus RTU through TCP/IP eWON500_UG_ConfGate_1_0_UK.pdf
Polling Data Registers from Modbus devicesAUG-059-EN - Polling Data Registers from Modbus devices