Logo Schneider The eWON RS485 link can be configured as a UNITELWAY SLAVE INTERFACE.

This Unitelway slave provides 2 features:

  • Poll items in a Unitelway capable device. The device can be the Unitelway master itself or a device reachable through the Unitelway master on the XWay network.
  • Forward XIP requests from TCP/IP XIP to Unitelway bus and thus, act as a gateway between XIP and Unitelway. When using this feature, it is possible for example to access a PLC connected to the eWON’s Unitelway link by connecting PL7PRO using the XIP driver started with the eWON IP address as destination.

Remote maintenance available.


Remote Access for Schneider M258 PLCs AUG-054.pdf
Remote Access for Schneider Modicon Micro & Premium PLCs AUG-038.pdf
Access Schneider Modicon Micro & Premium PLCs through an existing Talk2M connection AUG-042.pdf
Unitelway IO Server (extract from RG-001) Unitelway.pdf
Gateway XIP - Unitelway for Schneider PLC TN15.pdf
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