This Programming section will give you only a very short overview/summary of what can be done with a Flexy when it comes to development.
Examples and documentation that can be found on this page and in the Programming subpages are basic content meant for primal/simple use.

If you wish to read advanced programming content which concerns Talk2M API (DataMailbox/DMWeb & M2Web), BASIC, Java or even the Custom Webpages, please refer to the eWON Developer website whcih was specifically designed for that purpose.

eWON Developer website


The Flexy allows users to customize its configuration and behavior via programming. There are different ways to program inside the Flexy depending on the user's needs.

These different methods are:

BASIC Script

A lot can be done via BASIC script. With BASIC scripting, users can customize alarm behavior, control communication settings, build custom reports and more. Read more about it


For Java developers, the eWON Java toolkit provides the necessary tools to customize the Flexy's behavior and even create a custom IO server. Read more about it

Web pages

Create your own custom web pages to provide a User Interface that is specific to your application. Read more about it

eWON Files

The eWON configuration and data files are an easy way to retreive, recover and store settings and information from your Flexy. Read more about it