Remote Access


Talk2M is a hosted application that acts as a middleman and relays the communications originated by the users to their machines through a VPN tunnel.

Our companion tool, eCatcher, once configured with your eWONs, establishes a VPN tunnel with Talk2M and allows full control of your remote device(s).

Devices with webservers, VNC servers, or Remote Desktop support that are plugged into your eWON can also be securely accessed from your mobile devices through Talk2M via the M2Web portal.

To learn more, visit our Talk2M section.


The eFive is a hardware platform featuring a Virtual Private Network (VPN) gateway with OpenVPN.

The eFive has been designed to build your own VPN network among many eWONs.  It acts as the VPN server while the eWONs act as clients.

There is an eFive section that will explain everything you need to know on how to set up your own VPN gateway.