Task Planner

With the eWON Task Planner, you will be able to schedule actions like sending an eMail, a SMS, a SNMP trap or sending a file by FTP.


The “Timer Interval” settings are based on the CRON model “mm hh dd MMM DDD” where

  • mm stands for the minutes (0-59)
  • hh stands for the hours (0-23)
  • dd stands for the days (1-31)
  • MMM stands for the months (either a number 1 to 12 or month name abbreviation)
  • DDD stands for the days of the week (either a number, 1 = Monday or day name abbreviation)

With some operators:

  • * (asterisk) stands for all possible values
  • , (comma) stands for a list of values
  • - (hypen) stands for a range of values
  • / (step) stands for skipping a given number of values


You will find more information on page 19 of the  RG-001-0-EN-(General Reference Guide).