eWON Flexy

Welcome to the the eWON Flexy support area.

The eWON Flexy family is a range of industrial modular gateways/routers that allows universal communication with varied field equipment regardless of the protocol used. With the eWON Flexy, you can configure data acquisition & data logging (model 10x & 20x), routing (model 20x), and more.

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The Data Services section will help you understand the Flexy data features:

  • Alarm Management
    With the alarm system, you can configure your eWON to notify users of alarm conditions from web pages, as an email in your inbox, as a SMS on your mobile phone, by putting a file on an FTP server or by a SNMP Trap.
  • Data logging
    The Flexy series are able to log data and display a historical view of tag values.
  • Task planner
    With this tool, it is possible to schedule actions like sending an eMail, a SMS, a SNMP trap or a file by FTP.

To send data to an external data server, it is possible to export data to web or file servers using PUTHTTP / PUTFTP … and especially with the eSync software that runs on a computer/server and that will receive and store the data sent by the eWON.

If you want to go a little bit deeper in what the Flexy can do, the Programming section will teach you some information to get your project up and ready to run using:

    Flexy offers the opportunity to create your own BASIC script in order to enhance the Flexy features.
  • Java
    eWON toolkit is taken from the J2ME technology which offers a framework to develop applications.
  • Custom Webpages
    Build your own HTML pages in order to create and display custom content. Use your favorite HTML editor or use our viewON software to help create such content if you don’t have any knowledge of HTML.