Device Compatibility

In this section, we provide a non-exhaustive list of devices we tested and confirm to be working with the M2Web platform:

  • Allen-Bradley: PanelView Plus 6 Series (VNC)
  • Axis M1004-W (Webcam)
  • Beijer: Ix Series (VNC)
  • CODESYS WebVisu (HMI)
  • EXOR: Uniop Series (VNC)
  • Hakko: V9 Series (VNC)
  • HEDEN (Camera)
  • Omron NB (HMI)
  • Panasonic FP7 PLC (Webserver)
  • Schneider M171
  • Siemens: Multi & Comfort Panels (VNC)
  • VIPA : Professional & eco panels (VNC)
  • Weintek: iE series (VNC)
  • WinCC WebUx (Webserver)
  • Windows PC (over RDP and VNC)