Manual firmware download

Here, you can download manually each firmware, current or old one, for all eWON types.

Select the eWON type pcode, the firmware revision and the language.

Note: The pcode of your eWON is the last 2 digits of the serial number. (ex.: 0915-0002-56)

In the last select box you can choose the filename of the firmware:

  • The eBuddy choice names the file to be compatible with the eBuddy software. If you place the file in the eBuddy/Firmware directory on your PC (by default: C:\Program Files\eBuddy\Firmware), you can then use eBuddy to realize the firmware upgrade.
  • The FTP upgrade choice names the file ewonfwr.edf. This file can then be used to realize a manual firmware upgrade by FTP.
  • The FTP downgrade choice names the file dewonfwr.edf to easily realize a manual firmware downgrade by FTP.

Finally click the Download button ... A dialog box will ask where to save the file.

Info: in case you are downloading the pre-release firmware 13.2s0 PR for a Flexy, there might be an impact on the historical logging (for data, alarms, ...).
Check the "KB-0284-01: UTC timestamp logging" for further information!